This option can be carried out online or in person. You will be required to complete a 7 day diet log and questionnaire about your general dietary habits. In return you will receive a comprehensive document covering common nutrition mistakes, general advice and a diet program written for your specific physique and fitness goals. This service is vastly important if you are serious about making a lifestyle change because the most common misconception that people have is just because they ‘work out’ regularly, they can still eat whatever they want!  Falling into the ‘exercise your pizza away’ trap will lead to a vicious cycle. Whether your goal is for fat loss, muscle gain or to improve tone, it is important to realise that diet attributes to 70% of the overall result, with exercise accounting for 30%.

  • Prices

    1:1 Gym Based Per Hour£35
    10 sessions 1:1 inc nutrition£295
    1:2 Gym Based Per Hour£50
    10 sessions 1:2£450
    Military Fitness Prep 1 hour£35
    Military Fitness Prep 2 hour£50
    8 Week fitness program, (includes 3x1 hour 1:1 PT) £105
    Nutrition program£50
    Cooking class (Includes Ingredients & recipe book) £150
    Summer HIIT Sessions£5
    Summer HIIT Sessions Monthly£35