DB Fitness Nutrition Academy

DB Fitness and Nutrition was formed in 2014 after I was medically discharged from the Royal Marines. I am a personal trainer, LA Muscle sponsored athlete, nutrition advisor and qualified chef specialising in healthy recipes for sports enthusiasts and athletes, in the Plymouth and South East Cornwall area.

Our aim is to offer advice and practical guidance for anyone wishing to enhance their current fitness regime or kick start a healthier lifestyle.

If you have ever heard someone DB Fitness Nutrition Academysay that to achieve a good physique, its 30% what you do at the gym and 70% what you eat then they are quite right. If this is the case, then why are so many people paying all that money for a personal trainer who may only have the knowledge to help them 30% of the way to their goal. This money would be better spent on a personal chef! Well wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could all afford that. However, what we aim to do at the DB nutrition academy is give you all the advice you require to meal plan, understand when to eat certain foods, advise on portion control and ultimately, how to put ingredients together to create a healthy and sustainable diet.

VIVA: Where is the class held?
DB: We have run the class over the last 2 years in a small facility, but as of 30th July I’m happy to announce the class will be held in the new Plymouth School of Creative Arts where we will utilise their new purpose built cooking facility, which has 14 cooking stations and modern appliances.

VIVA: So how many can attend the class?
DB: We recommend people to come with a friend or a partner so you can enjoy the experience, although this does mean sharing your food!  We can comfortably accommodate 28 people with 2 on each station.

VIVA: What kind of things can we expect to be making?
DB: The Menu will change with the seasons and we shall use local producers where possible. You can expect to cover 2 breakfasts, a fish dish, a meat dish, a poultry dish, a vegetarian dish and a healthy protein based snack as a minimum.

VIVA: So how does the day run, what can we expect?
DB: We ask people to arrive hungry at 0900, we then start by looking at the two breakfast ideas, which will be demonstrated by myself and then replicated by the students. We’ll then look at the menu for the day and start the prep whilst the participants get to throw questions at us. This is all, very hands on! We’ll look at knife skills and different methods of cooking and of course you get to sample everything you cook!

VIVA: How often will the class take part?
DB: Initially we shall run for one Saturday every month from 0900 to 1300.

VIVA: Are they OK for people who have little or no cooking experience?
DB: Absolutely, during the last 2 years I have had University students take part who needed a little more help handling a knife, I’ve had company directors who I’ve encouraged to try new things that they otherwise thought they didn’t like and I’ve had chefs take part wanting to enhance there knowledge adapting traditional recipes using healthy ingredients.

VIVA: Finally, other than the experience is there anything we would get to take away?
DB: Each participant will take away a written copy of the day’s cookbook, which will also be sent in PDF format via email, you will receive a certificate of attendance and there will be the opportunity to purchase aprons and specialist ingredients should you wish.

email info@dbfitnessandnutrition.co.uk